Delivering Quality Ahead of Schedule

Atlantic Diagnostic Center (ADC) provides a variety of outpatient diagnostic imaging services such as PET scans, CT scans, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Recognizing that downtime to remodel their Canton, Georgia location would cost their business-essential revenue, they hired Emery & Associates to work around their schedule and keep interruptions to a minimum.

Renovations included creating a new entrance to the suite; modifying an existing hallway for improved privacy and security; reconfiguring the lobby; and build-out of exam rooms, dressing rooms, and closet space. Emery’s team completed the majority of the renovation work at night and on weekends so ADC could continue to schedule patient appointments. This also helped minimize potential disruptions from the noise and smells of construction work. When inclement weather caused a delay in the work, Emery & Associates implemented double work shifts at no additional cost to the owner to keep the project on schedule.

Although ADC’s Manager of Operations traveled between several of the company’s locations during the project, Emery kept her informed about the status of the work throughout the construction process. Despite losing several work days due to snow, the project was completed two weeks early and ADC was completely satisfied with the finished results.

Emery & Associates kept me informed at all times of our renovation project’s progress, allowing me to feel confident and secure that the work was being done correctly…. Because Emery & Associates knew we needed this project “done yesterday,” we were thrilled when they completed this project two weeks ahead of schedule. Without a doubt I would engage Emery & Associates for all of our future projects!
– Dawn M. Lewis
Manager of Operations
Atlantic Diagnostic Center