Offices Renovated Without Disruption

As the largest full-service, direct response advertising agency in the Southeast, Bennett Kuhn Varner, Inc. (BKV) first occupied its existing Atlanta offices in 1997. When BKV planned an expansion and renovation to accommodate the firm’s growth and give their offices a brighter, more uplifting appearance, they needed to minimize disruptions since they were already “living” in the space. Emery & Associates was hired to plan out the renovation work and implement the project over five consecutive weekends. 

Starting work on Friday evenings, the Emery team moved furniture, removed existing wall coverings and floor finishes, recarpeted the offices, painted the areas being renovated, replaced the furniture and cleaned up the work area so BKV’s staff could return to work each Monday morning without any interruptions. In addition to new paint and carpeting throughout BKV’s space, the Emery team also completed comprehensive renovations of the conference and break rooms, upgrading finishes and installing new fixtures and equipment. 

The beauty of this renovation was the fact that I did not have to be on site when the work was being done. When questions arose, Emery & Associates called my cell phone and we quickly resolved all issues. In addition, at the end of the project, when BKV decided we needed even more space on the 6th floor, Emery & Associates tied it in during one short weekend. It was terrific!

Judy Perdew

Office Manager