Award-Winning Renovations

As a non-profit organization providing support services to local governments throughout Georgia, the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) had occupied a former warehouse building in Atlanta’s historic garment district since the mid-1980s. When GMA decided to remodel their Atlanta offices, Emery & Associates’ experience in renovating occupied spaces made the firm a natural choice to lead the construction team.

Originally planning a simple cosmetic upgrade, as work progressed GMA identified the need for a much more comprehensive renovation project, including physical enhancements to the exterior of the building as well as a major reorganization of the interior spaces to provide modern technology infrastructure and better meet their functional needs. Emery’s team handled this expanded scope efficiently, planning work over multiple phases to minimize disruptions and allow GMA to remain in full operation throughout the entire renovation process.

During construction several unforeseen conditions were encountered with the historic building and site, but these were addressed quickly and cleanly by the Emery team. Emery’s high-quality work with GMA has formed the basis of a lasting relationship, with a total of over 40 projects completed since 2002.

Emery & Associates has changed our space from dismal to dazzling, from austere to inviting, and from back room to show room.
– Ronnie Patterson
Director of Finance and Administration
Georgia Municipal Association